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Assam Laksa

Serves: 25 Assam Laksa Paste  **Blend everything below in a food processor/blender until it's fine and turned into paste.  15 shallots  10 cloves garlic 1 inch of Lengkuas 2 ginger torch flowers (bunga kantan)  5 stalks lemongrass 3 fresh red chillies 1.5 cups of chilli boh, as preferred 2 inches of belacan Dash of white pepper The Soup Base Assam Laksa Paste  Ikan Kembung/Selar Daun Kesom Peppermint Leaves 1 Ginger Torch Flower (Bunga Kantan) 2 Lemongrass 6 Dried Tamarind Skin (Asam Keping)  Tamarind Juice, to taste Brown Sugar, to taste Salt, to taste Soy Sauce, to taste Toppings Cucumber, cut into strips Red Onion, cut into strips Pineapple, cut into strips Mint leaves Bird's Eye Chilies, chopped Sweet Shrimp Paste (HeiKo)...

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